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Our mission for DanceFest REACH is to provide a healthy creative outlet, encourage wellness through movement, and build grounded relationships with children in shelters and emergency homes.

Our goal is for DanceFest REACH to eventually become a non-profit organization. We are currently instructing students through dance classes at one children's shelter in Cobb County, Georgia. We would like to expand DanceFest REACH into several homes and shelters in the future.


We are thrilled to say that because of successful ticket sales from BalletFest Atlanta & Jazz On Tap 2019, we will be sponsoring one child from a shelter to attend a full dance year at a local dance studio for the 2019-20 season. 

To donate to DanceFest Reach, click the button below, then click Shop All.

For inquiries about DanceFest REACH, please email Jamie at

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